In 2010 there are new processors and new graphics technologies available that weren’t the previous year when it comes to laptop computers. Getting the most for your money should be on the top of your to-do list for shopping for a new laptop computer.

The processors – Faster than ever before

Intel has recently introduced new processors for laptops that are going to be fading out the aging Core 2 technology. The new processors are fast they are codenamed Core i3(dual core), Core i5(quad core), core i7(quad core). The most extreme of the lot are the core i7 mobile processors they will have you multi-multi-tasking(I know that’s not a word but that’s just how much work you’ll be able to do with the processors). All the laptop manufacturers have these processors available in all their high performance laptop computers.

The Graphics – Can you say DirectX 11 for laptops?

ATi and Nvidia are the main graphics card manufacturers and it seems like when one is up the other is down(in terms of performance). Well right now ATi is in the lead when it comes to innovation with the availability of there Mobility Radeon 5xxxx series cards for laptops they have successfully brought DirectX 11 technology to the laptop. These new discrete graphics options are up to the test whatever game you want to play at whatever settings. Match one of them up with a Core i3, i5 or i7 and your golden.

Blu-ray Drive – High-Definition movies on the go

Blu-ray drives become more popular at the end of 2009 but in 2010 they are becoming standard on any high-end gaming or even under $1000 entertainment laptops. They allow you to play all your blu-ray DVDs and if your laptop has a hdmi slot you can hook it up to your HD television and use it as your blu-ray player. The limits aren’t just to watching however you can also get a blu-ray burner option and burn your own home videos to blu-ray HD DVDs. Don’t worry these drives can also handle regular DVDs and Cd’s for burning and playing.



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