Draw by shapes is design for kids. It’s very easy to learn and understand. No experience and simple to draw nice drawing and paintings.

Drawings and painting is one of the most important thing in children’s early education. Parents may discover that starting from 1 years old. Babies like to draw or writing somethings with pens or pencils. Painting helps the child thinking, perception and the ability to develop observation, parents consciously teach children painting can develop children’s intelligence. So, we must pay attention to the child’s interest in painting, which is the key child mental enlightenment and further study.

Graffiti is a favorite of children. Parents can play together with their children or let them play by themselves, because painting is so simple and fun. Drawing by shapes will definitely give the children some funny learning experience! It help the kids escape from the boring art lessons and let every child easily learn and experience the fun of painting!

This game follows the children’s nature and help them develop the interest of drawing. Also make drawings and paintings becomes easy and fun.

Game Features:
– Use simple lines and shapes to draw a lovely and quity pictures.
– Demonstrate the baby & yound children how to draw the pictures steps by steps.
– Create the interesting and favorite drawing and painting lessons to kids.
– Teach and learn to develop the children’s imagination.
– Parent & child interactive game to have fun with family
– Simple & easy to understand about how to draw & paint

By Wai Chin Ng

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