So it has been over 4 and a half years sins the first Xbox 360 was released, during that time, there have been new accessories, new ‘elite’ consoles, but inside, the console has remained the same…till now.

Microsoft has released their new Xbox 360 Slim, technically, it isn’t called the Xbox 360 slim, because its not an alternative for the older Xbox 360 models, it is their replacement, however, it is a catchy name, so it will probably stick around as its unofficial name.

The new ‘Xbox 360 slim’ has had a few changes made to it, for instance, the casing is a all new design, it no longer has a black matte finish, but a glossy black finish, and the case itself is smaller then that of the Xbox 360 and it also has an angular design. Another new design feature are the buttons, you no longer have to physically apply pressure on the buttons found on the new Xbox 360 as they are touch sensitive, and to make sure that you know it was pressed, the console even emits a small sound, this apply to both the power button and the tray button, which is now located onto of the console.

The new Xbox 360 slim has a 250 GB hard drive as standard, but the hard drive location is different to that of the old Xbox 360, the new placement is within the console itself, it is still removable, it is located behind a panel on the side of the Xbox 360. The new hard drive is not compatible with the older Xbox 360 models, but you can still transfer your information with a simple cable that you can purchase from most game stores, and it is easy to do.

Another improvement on the Xbox 360 slim is that it now includes internal 802.11 b/g/n wifi connectivity, which Xbox 360 users buying this will be happy about as they no longer have to purchase the wireless dongle accessorie which costs around £۴۰ and up.

The new Xbox 360 slim now has 5 USB ports, which is 2 more then the older Xbox 360 models. It has two on the front and three on the back, on the back of the Xbox 360 slim, it also has a AUX port which is specifically designed to be used with Microsofts new Kinect motion system.

Now to explain what is new on the inside of the Xbox 360 slim. It has a new 45-nanometer chip design, which integrates the CPU and GPU, this means that it reduces energy consumption by as much as 50% in some cases, it also makes it run quieter. There isn’t much difference in processing power.

As many of you may know, the chipset has been a major problem with previous Xbox 360 models, but they have replaced it now. It is impossible for this console to get the RROD (as it doesn’t have any red leds in it, so as you can see, impossible), but this console runs allot cooler then is predecessors, this is partly due to the new chipset design, but also to the fact of the new fan, whilst the old Xbox 360s had 2 fans in the back of the console, the new Xbox 360 slim has 1 big fan, which is much better positioned and is much more officiant. So combine the new cooler chipset with the new, ore officiant, fan, you know this will be one cool console.

a great new feature of the free Xbox 360 slim is how quiet it is. The old Xbox 360 models sounded like an airplane was getting ready to take off when it was loading a game or movie, but the new Xbox 360 runs quiet, you will notice the difference straight away, and see what you have been putting up with.

A missing component on the new Xbox 360 is that it no longer has memory card slots on the front of the console, but the new update on the free Xbox 360 means that any USB device can be used as a memory device on the console, so you don’t really need the memory slots anymore.

So our conclusion, if you are looking to upgrade from your noisy, over heating older Xbox 360 models, then this is definitely for you. Microsoft have certainly delivered on this account, the Xbox 360 was due for an overhaul, and the new free Xbox 360 slim is the end product.



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