Someone once said that calculus is as complicated as knowing when to use a semicolon. This just goes to show that grammar is not as straight forward as mostly presumed by many and there are quite a number of grammatical errors that even smart people make. This is also the case for those who are native English speakers. This is why grammar check online is very important whether or not you are a native speaker. Grammar generally refers to the system of rules and principles that govern a way a language is spoken or written. In other words, it is not just in the speaking but also in the writing as well that grammatical error is recognized. However, with technology in our world today, checking these grammatical errors is now easier to do. For example, you can run on sentence checker online free or download tools that allow you to run a grammar checker online. These are simple ways you can check your sentences for grammatical errors.

Even Smart People need Grammar Checker Tools

It is not enough to start to talk to someone about common grammar mistakes without making them first of all see the significance of good grammar. This is because it is only then that it will be easy for them to appreciate grammar checker online tools and tools like online punctuation checker. However, before one can appreciate the importance of grammar, they need to first of all see the devastation that poor grammar can cause. The truth is, it really doesn’t matter whether you are taking an English Major in College, you are writing an exam, you are attending a speaking interview or writing a thesis. All of these can be negatively affected if you do not use good grammar. Take for example, you are going for a job interview, even if you are very competent in the skills required, your ability to express yourself to your potential employers would significantly increase your chances of getting the said job. This is why it helps to draft out a simulation of the interview and use grammar punctuation check tools to help you correct your common grammatical errors. This is equally the same case with one who is writing a thesis, when you run on sentence checker online free, it could help you correct some grammar errors in your thesis.

Good Grammar is Sometimes Confusing

Below are 3 of the common grammar errors that people make and you can also watch this video on some of the common grammar mistakes to avoid.  

  • Lay and lie: This can be very confusing for people especially because ‘lie’ can mean a position as it can mean not telling the truth. It is an example of a homonym, that is, words with the same spelling but different meaning. So many people see it all wrong. For example, someone would say I was ‘laying’ on the couch, the question would be what exactly where you laying on the conch? What should have been said is, ‘I was lying on the couch’.

  • Its and it’s: This is equally another confusing one, but it shouldn’t be as confusing if you appreciate that ‘its’ typifies ownership of the preceding verb; while it’s, actually means ‘it is’. So in doubt just write ‘it is’ in full and read it aloud.

  • Number of, amount of: Again, this is simply because if it can be counted you can number it, if it can’t be counted, then just use ‘amount of’. A lot of people today use phrases like, ‘you would be surprised the amount of people he knows’. Well, you can count people, so it should actually be ‘you would be surprised at the number of people he knows’.

Simple Tips in Checking Grammar Errors

Below are a few tips to check your grammar errors

  • Do it online: from grammar punctuation check to grammar checker online and grammar punctuation checker, there are a number of tools online that can help you check your grammar, you can use any of them. Here are some top online tools.

  • Read it aloud: A lot of people make some written grammar errors that they would not make while speaking. So an easy way to check this is by reading aloud what was written and see how it sounds to your ears.

  • Know your punctuations: You can learn more about punctuations online but as a rule of thumb, if it is a compound sentence then there should be a comma somewhere.

You can take advantage of the online grammar punctuation checker and you can review some of the top ones.



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